Developing a Theory of Change for You’re the Boss Financial Literacy Program

Authored by:

Stephen Bennett

Status: Completed

CSI was engaged by The Salvation Army and Westpac to develop a theory of change for the You’re the Boss, Moneycare’s financial literacy education program. The objective was to bring project stakeholders together to explore how and why the program intends to work and to develop a model to communicate its intended results.

To achieve this, CSI:

  • Co-designed a theory of change workshop
  • Facilitated a workshop with program stakeholders to explore and understand how and why the You’re the Boss produces its results and to illustrates the program visually

You’re the Boss now has a clearer understanding of the relationships between what the program does and it’s expected outcomes and has a simple way to communicate with external stakeholders. The session also built a shared understanding and language across program stakeholders and identified new opportunities for the program.

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