Charities and COVID-19 - A Financial Health Check

Status: Completed June 2020

University, Research Partners:

This report was prepared by Social Ventures Australia and the Centre for Social Impact. Contributors from SVA included Cassie McGannon, Sam Thorp, Mitch Adams, Patrick Flynn and Suzie Riddell. Contributors from CSI included Ioana Ramia and Kristy Muir.

Charities are critical to Australia’s society and economy.

Charities provide services that people, communities and government rely on. They deliver vital services on behalf of Commonwealth and State governments and taxpayers, from disability services to early learning. We all benefit from their contributions to education, health care, sports and recreation, aged care, religion, arts and culture, animal protection, and environmental protection. As a community, we are especially reliant on charities during a crisis and to support a recovery, whether confronted by bushfires or financial turmoil. They are the social glue in our communities, and without them Australia’s quality of life would be poorer on almost every dimension.

To better understand the effects of COVID-19 on the financial viability of charities and identify systemic solutions, we modelled the potential impact of the crisis on the financial health of the 16,022 registered charities in Australia with 1.22 million employees (many are run purely by volunteers).

This report explores whether Australia's charities will be casualties or partners in recovering from the impact of COVID-19.


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