Building future pathways: How ABCN mentoring programs boost student outcomes

Status: Completed

Authors: Camilla Chaudary, Rhiannon Parker and Jane Lloyd 

One in three Australian students from low socio-economic backgrounds do not complete Year 12 and are twice as likely to be unemployed at age 24.

The Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) connects low-SES schools with business, delivering mentoring programs to develop students’ skills, aspirations and networks - reaching 56,000 students to date.

In this research, ABCN partnered with the Centre for Social Impact UNSW to evaluate the medium to long-term impact of its work.

Young people shared their views through a survey and interviews and the research findings revealed sustained benefits across three key domains: post-school pathways, enterprise skills and life skills – while reinforcing the pivotal role for business in bridging the gap in opportunities and outcomes for some Australians.

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