August 13, 2019

Media Release: World first outcomes framework in homelessness developed in Western Australia

A world first outcomes measurement framework for homelessness has been developed by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI UWA) as part of the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (WAAEH). The prototype version was launched on 7 August 2019 as part of national Homelessness Week.

The Ending Homelessness Outcomes Measurement Framework (OMF) aims to measure and monitor progress towards ending homelessness in WA.

“It is a living framework, that should be constantly updated with feedback given to providers and the community more generally in the space about what’s working in their current service delivery and what needs improvement,” Professor Paul Flatau said of the ground-breaking model.

“Homelessness is an extremely complex problem. If the goal of ending homelessness is to be achieved, this complexity needs to be unpacked and the many factors - both visible and underlying - that can affect homelessness need to be measured and assessed.”

The End Homelessness OMF incorporates three innovative elements.

First, the OMF represents hybridity in measurement in that measurement is not only at the population level (the standard level for such systems), but the meso level (the level of organisations and collaborative initiatives) and the individual level (that of lived experience voice).

Second, the OMF includes the measurement of the direct drivers of homelessness and the role of the service system.

Third, as the OMF is a framework for a social movement - the Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness - with a clear goal to end homelessness, it assesses the extent to which the issue of homelessness is front and centre in the public’s and policy makers’ minds, and whether it is attracting the right levels of funding to address the problem of homelessness.

The OMF suite of documents includes the core Framework document which provides the conceptual thinking behind the Framework and its structure together with a data dictionary (which operationalises the OMF), a dashboard (which presents current findings on key targets) and a first annual report on the state of ending homelessness in WA.

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