August 19, 2020

Ten COVID leadership lessons

Our CEO, Professor Kristy Muir, has put together her ten COVID leadership lessons. Watch the video below to hear Kristy's reflections.

Ten COVID leadership lessons

  1. Care and compassion are king
  2. Opportunism is useful when what the world needs is married up to the skills and resources we can contribute
  3. Values will always be guiding lights no matter how dark and stormy the seas are
  4. Industries, and those we sometimes took for granted, are some of the most important to how we function, we’re supported, and what we most need as a society (our carers, our supermarket supply chains, our garbage collectors, our charities)
  5. Don’t get stuck in crisis mode
  6. Gaze up and down and around: Focus on immediate potholes and cliff edges, while keeping an eye on the path ahead and being mindful of where we’ve been
  7. Ethical frameworks are helpful when no one really knows “what ought one do?”
  8. ‘Me connected to we’ has the potential to change the world
  9. Self-care by recognising weariness, seeking rest and finding moments of joy
  10. Chocolate, coffee, the bush and puppies really do make me happy

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