April 11, 2016

Professor Kristy Muir at Generosity Forum

CSI's Director of Research (Social Outcomes), Professor Kristy Muir, will be presenting at The Generosity Forum in Melbourne. Presenting part two of the session on Measuring the Impact of your Giving, Professor Muir will speak on Evaluation Methodologies and Challenges.

In her session at this event, Professor Muir will discuss the difference between outputs, outcomes and impact and the three overarching reasons why measuring outcomes and impacts is so important for different sectors, issues and portfolios. She believes in matching the method to the need when it comes to evaluation.

Professor Muir works with purpose organisations to help understand, measure and find innovative solutions to complex social problems. Her research focuses on children, young people, families and communities and spans a large number of social areas, such as education, employment, disability and mental health. She has won more than $8 million in research funding, including from the Australian Research Council, and has published widely in Australian and international policy, sociology, social work, history and public health journals. She recently co-authored The Compass: your guide to social impact measurement (Centre for Social Impact 2014).

The theme of the Generosity Forum is Conversations in Changing Philanthropy.The event presented by Generosity magazine.

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