March 26, 2019

Media Release: CSI announces partnership with API Geeks on development of ground-breaking online platform for Amplify Social Impact™

The Centre for Social Impact at UNSW (CSI UNSW) is pleased to announce its partnership with leading online platform engineering firm, API Geeks, for the construction and maintenance of the Amplify Social Impact online platform. The online platform will house a variety of tools and resources including Indicator Engine, Australia’s Social Pulse, and Yardstick. Each of these tools will help for-purpose organisations better understand where and how to target their social impact efforts, and if their efforts are leading to improved social outcomes.

CSI UNSW are excited for this partnership with API Geeks as the firm brings cutting-edge engineering to the table. Taking an “API-first” approach API Geeks has designed, built, and supported sophisticated and cost-effective digital transformation platforms across enterprise and government across Asia, Europe, and the USA.

CSI CEO Professor Kristy Muir said that partnering with API Geeks was an exciting and important step for the project. “API Geeks showed us that by using their approach, users of all levels of experience will be will be guided through a simple, natural discovery process to access relevant data and information in a rich user interface. This is key to Amplify’s success.”

Lee Curtis, CEO of API Geeks agreed and went on to explain: “In addition, this API-first approach will allow universal integration endpoints for product scaling, reporting, data ingestion, 3rd party integration, data visualisation, and more. It will ensure strong security and governance best practice through the identification of users and the careful application of data specific sharing controls. This approach to engineering the Amplify online platform will future-proof the platform by allowing flexibility and connectivity with APIs being increasingly relied upon for highly governed data-sharing platforms.”

Within this partnership with API Geeks is a partnership with Folk, a leading brand and user experience design firm. Folk has extensive experience designing easy to use online platforms for organisations in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Their experience designing websites and web platforms for and with non-profits means they immediately understand the aspirations for the Amplify platform as well as its intended users.

For enquiries, contact Nicola Hannigan - Communications Manager - 02 8936 0915.

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