July 27, 2018

CSI’s new field trip to Bangalore, India

CSI are excited to announce a new opportunity in Session 3 this year through their Social Impact Field Project to learn about social enterprise start-ups in complex environments by travelling to Bangalore, India for an intensive, fully immersive one-week program.

 The immersive component of the course will run from Sunday, 14 October to Saturday 20 October, with an online module and webinar prior to departure and webinar on return.

 Led by Clary Castrission, CEO of 40K and CSI’s lecturer in COMM5708 Social Impact, this exciting new stream of COMM5707 will take students to Bangalore, the IT capital of India for 5 days of intensive learning about social enterprise in a complex, challenging and thought-provoking environment. Here you will explore the opportunities and complexities of applying business models to the social and environmental challenges that exist in many societies.

 Students will experience a breadth of novel and traditional business solutions that have been applied throughout this rapidly expanding city and its rural surroundings. Working in a team, you will be challenged to develop a social enterprise model using human centred design, that reflects the complexities, local nuances and insights developed through the course.

 At the end of the course, it is expected that students will have:

  • gained a broader perspective on ways in which a social enterprise can tackle social and environmental challenges;
  • applied a range of problem solving and strategic decision-making tools;
  • have a deeper empathy with the people, economy and culture of one of the world’s most vibrant countries.

For more details on the course content and program schedule please see below.

 Who is this course for?

Students who want to be inspired, challenged and informed in how any organisation can have a social or environmental impact. The insights you learn can be applied in any organisation from instigating shared value initiatives to analysing public policy.


Places for this immersive international program are limited. To register your interest, please email CSI’s Education Director, Associate Professor Leanne Piggott at l.piggott@unsw.edu.au. Applications will officially open on 8 August and first preference will be given to those who have registered their interest before the application date.

 Course content and program schedule


Prior to travel, students will complete a pre-departure webinar and online learning module aimed at preparing students for travel and the first assessment.

Sunday 14/10: Travel – Arrive late evening

 Monday 15/10: Social enterprise in action – Introduction to a range of social enterprises around Bangalore.

 Tuesday 16/10: Gathering perspectives – Build empathy with a diversity of social enterprise players from customers to funders and analyse the ecosystem in which they connect.

 Wednesday 17/10: Design – Immerse yourself in designing a social enterprise model around a selected social challenge, before testing with stakeholders.

 Thursday 18/10: Funding and success – Focus on models of financing and measuring social and environmental outcomes in India

 Friday 19/10: Pitch and reflect – present your social enterprise to a panel before reflecting on how to apply your learning to an Australian context. For Sydney-based students, you will reach home on the recommended flight by the Saturday evening.


Students will complete a follow up webinar post the immersive component to focus on how the insights gained in India are applied more broadly in different countries and through different organisational structures.


 To measure your learning outcomes from the course, there will be three assessments that gauge your understanding of the themes, ability to apply this to a foreign context and capacity to extrapolate the learning to a local context.

 1. Literature review: Build your knowledge and understanding of the key theme from the course - social innovation and entrepreneurship in India (due pre-departure)

 2. Group presentation and report: Develop and pitch your team’s case for a social enterprise in India along with a briefing report (due on last day of immersion)

 3. Reflection essay: Reflect on your key insights from the course and how you would apply course concepts to an Australian context within Business, Government, Not for profit or social enterprise (due post-immersion).

 Estimated program costs:

 In addition to the course fee for COMM5707 Social Impact Field, the other estimated costs for the program are:

 Program fee: $980

  • This will include: 5 nights accommodation (check-in Sunday pm check out Friday am); 5 days of breakfast and lunch (Monday to Friday); transportation; activity & local staff costs

 Personal costs: $1,462

  • This will include: flights (est. $1000); flight insurance ($75); visa ($75); inoculations ($200); police check ($42); mobile and sim data ($20); spending money – dinner etc. ($50.00)


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