November 21, 2014

CSI Launches "The Compass" at Think Outcomes Conference

The Centre for Social Impact has launched the first in a series of guidebooks on different facets of social impact at the Think Outcomes conference in Sydney today. ‘The Compass: Your Guide to Social Impact Measurement’ was launched by Associate Professor Kristy Muir, CSI’s Research Director – Social Outcomes.

The Compass is a six-chapter guide that allows people working with a social purpose in business, government, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises to refer to easy-to-understand information on an as-needs basis.

Topics included in The Compass include:

  • Starting points
  • Why measure outcomes?
  • Integration of outcomes and considering process and purpose
  • What to measure
  • How to measure
  • A checklist

The Compass: Your Guide to Social Impact Measurement is authored by Associate Professor Kristy Muir and Stephen Bennett.

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