February 8, 2018

CSI Announces New Research Director, Associate Professor Gemma Carey

The Centre for Social Impact today announced that Associate Professor Gemma Carey joined the executive leadership team in the position of Director of Research at CSI UNSW. Gemma comes to CSI UNSW from UNSW Canberra.

Gemma is an outstanding researcher who has demonstrated impressive leadership capabilities within and outside of the university. She has a Category 1 track record from both the NHMRC and the ARC, has been awarded over $7m in research grants and has published over 50 refereed articles across public policy, public administration and health. She is an NHMRC Fellow, a Tall Poppy recipient and she has very strong engagement with industry stakeholders in government, not-for-profit and for-profit sectors.

“Gemma is charged with leading a program of research that looks at reducing social inequality, examining processes to create a better society, and understanding and measuring social impact. Her outstanding credentials and impressive leadership record uniquely placed her as the leading candidate for the role,” said Professor Kristy Muir, CEO, CSI. “We are looking forward to having Gemma on board, to help CSI deliver on its mission to catalyse positive social change with transformational research.”

Gemma’s previous research has focused on governance and policy implementation, and has contributed to debates around the social determinants of health, and the ‘joining up’ of government and non-government organisations for social change. Her current and future research is focused on market mechanisms and human services, in particular the implementation of the NDIS. This week she was awarded an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant to investigate how we can identify thin social service markets under the NDIS and ways to address them. This work is being carried out in partnership with the Commonwealth Department of Social Services and National Disability Australia and is crucial for ensuring the NDIS is equitable.

“I am delighted to be joining CSI UNSW and heading up its stellar research team,” said Gemma. “In this role, I am looking forward to furthering CSI’s strategy and creating social change.”

In addition to her academic research and leadership, Gemma runs a highly regarded policy forum – the Power to Persuade (PTP) - an annual symposium and blog which helps to build relationships between policymakers, academics and the community sector. Running since 2011, PTP is sponsored by government, universities and a range of NGOs and peak bodies.

Gemma takes the helm from Acting Research Director, Dr Abigail Powell, who has ably filled the role since previous Research Director, Professor Kristy Muir, was appointed as CEO.

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