October 8, 2015

CSI Announces The Lusthaus Prize in Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact, for UNSW Australia undergraduates.

The Centre for Social Impact is thrilled to announce the creation of an undergraduate student award, generously donated by long-time CSI supporter Lisa Lusthaus. Lisa has worked at CSI as Council Secretariat since its inception in 2008.

The Lusthaus Prize valued at $500 is offered twice a year to a student with the best academic performance in CSI's COMM1000 course, Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact, offered as an undergraduate course at UNSW Australia.

“It’s so important that students include social change in their studies and the UNSW course is progressive and unique. In time, I can see that all students across the university will be excited to take on CSI’s social impact course." said Lisa Lusthaus. "It will be of great benefit in helping students make good decisions for their working life that will positively impact on society. I am proud to have the opportunity to award two prizes annually."

The Lusthaus Prize will be awarded for the first time in 2015 and presented to students at the UNSW Business School Awards in 2016.

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