October 2, 2018

CSI and PwC celebrate ten years of collaboration with new project partnership

When the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) opened its doors in 2008, it was with the significant support of PwC Australia who came on board as one of the founding donors, believing in the vision of CSI in creating a fairer society for all.

Now, in 2018, CSI and PwC are celebrating ten years of that partnership. Together, the organisations have produced a number of research projects and collaborations, including, most recently, the measurement of the social purpose market which estimated annual spend at $510 billion and called for greater measurement of impact across the sector. Today marks the announcement of yet another project partnership, in the form of Amplify Social Impact. PwC have joined CSI as its major corporate sponsor of the project.

Earlier in 2018, CSI, with primary partner UNSW Sydney announced the launch of Amplify Social Impact® (Amplify), an ambitious, multi-faceted project which will produce a suite of online reports and tools designed to support organisations improve their evidence based decision making, program evaluation, and ultimately, their social impact. Amplify will look at five key social issue areas, beginning with housing and homelessness.

Today, PwC have announced their support for the project, leading with the first social issue area; Housing and Homelessness; and working in partnership with CSI to deliver on the Insights Report, and a series of Connect and Convene Events for Systems Change, that will bring people together from across sectors to come up with a shared purpose and innovative ways to address this complex, defining issue.

“It’s a testament to PwC’s commitment to social impact that ten years down the track, we’re still working in partnership on innovative approaches to social change,” said CSI CEO Professor Kristy Muir. “We’re so excited that PwC have come on board with us for Amplify Social Impact and we’re looking forward to launching the first phase of project.”

PwC Social Impact Partner Rosalie Wilkie said that PwC was happy to support a project that would potentially impact thousands of for-purpose organisations in their mission to achieve social impact. “Amplify is one of the most innovative and rigorous approaches to social change that we’ve seen and we’re thrilled to be supporting it. PwC Australia is taking a bold new approach to Social Impact focusing on a single issue starting with housing and homelessness so it’s a good fit.

"We’ve have ten years of partnership with CSI, so we’re excited to still be working together for this next phase with Amplify Social Impact.”

The Amplify Social Impact project launched in July 2018. More information can be found here.

The Housing and Homelessness Insights Report will launch in Sydney on October 24.

For more information, email n.hannigan@unsw.edu.au.

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