Our 2018 pilot Social Impact Field Trip to India saw students experience 5 days of intensive learning about social enterprise in a complex, challenging and thought-provoking environment - Bangalore, the IT capital of India. Working in a team, they explored the opportunities and complexities of applying business models to a variety of social and environmental challenges, and gained first-hand experience of the novel and traditional business solutions applied throughout this rapidly expanding city and its rural surroundings. All while being challenged to develop a social enterprise model using human centred design, reflective of the complexities, local nuances and insights developed through the course.

It was expected that students:

  • gained a broader perspective on ways in which a social enterprise can tackle social and environmental challenges;
  • applied a range of problem solving and strategic decision-making tools;
  • have a deeper empathy with the people, economy and culture of one of the world’s most vibrant countries.

Explore this page to find out how students were inspired, challenged and informed to create greater social and environmental impacts.

** Registrations open for the next Social Impact Field Trip to India 14-22 September 2019! **

Case Study Photos

Cultural immersion starts with food - an Indian cooking class!

Meeting locals to discuss water scarcity and water sources.

Micro-businesses, family milk producers and dairy co-ops.

Learning about Bangalore's waste ecosystem.

Business model immersion at a local washer village.

Pulling together the team’s pitch in the lively outdoors.

Lecturer's Story

At their core, most social enterprises are trying to solve incredibly complex social or environmental problems. And at the start of every social enterprise’s journey, is the need to truly define the problem they are working with and who is impacted by this problem.

This was the pilot Field Trip for those students wanting to road test their theories around social enterprise, sustainable development, leadership and business model innovation. A diverse group, where learning came from peers, facilitators, the micropreneurs and social enterprise leaders who shared their stories, and the myriad of stakeholders engaged with throughout the immersion. READ MORE...

Kristy Bartlett, Facilitator 2018 Social Impact Field Project - India.

Student Stories

Mel Butcher | Jun/2019

“The India course challenged me in a good way, particularly when it came to the rapid development and testing of ideas in such a different environment.

The trip was a good capstone to the MBAX in Social Impact because it integrated the business and social impact parts of the course really well.

The course reinforced the idea that combining business acumen with social or environmental purpose is powerful in any context…”


Toby Dawson | Jun/2019

"We were constantly going out and meeting with people from the very top levels of government to people who were really doing it quite tough in community and village life...

Being able to take the information that they were giving us and pairing it with these really fast, iterative start up techniques and tools meant that what we've just done over this last week is come up with the first cut of a social enterprise..."


Janet Liu | Nov/2018

“What better way to test out the practical applicability of all the theory that you’ve learnt – and with an incredible group of change makers!

I learnt a lot about the varying forms of Indian social enterprises, visiting local homes and workplaces to learn about their business models. And I learnt a lot about myself – my leadership style, how I work with others, how I respond to and make decisions in chaotic and unpredictable environments..."


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