May 24, 2018

Building Connections for Enterprising Women: CSI Announces a new project

The Centre for Social Impact Swinburne is currently undertaking a project “Building Connections for Enterprising Women” with Good Shepherd Microfinance and colleagues at Swinburne Sarawak (Malaysia).

Funded by the Australian Government through the Australia-ASEAN Council (AAC) of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the project aims to develop a long-term collaborative relationship among practitioners and researchers with expertise in women’s enterprise development. More information can be found on the Swinburne website here

Through a series of forums, roundtables and videoconferences to share expertise, the project is mapping the enterprise development ecosystem and developing a framework for supporting enterprising women in Sarawak and Victoria.

To date, there have been three successful roundtable engagements with women entrepreneurs and support organisations: one in December 2017 and two in May 2018.

The roundtables focused on the current state of the support ecosystem for women entrepreneurs, challenges, opportunities, and what can be done to improve support for enterprising women in all of their diversity.

There will be a larger public forum later in the year; in the meantime, there are roundtables and a public forum in Sarawak, Malaysia, to enable knowledge-sharing and mutual learning across very different local contexts.

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