Amplify Online Behind the Scenes: Catherine Mai

Catherine Mai
Catherine Mai Amplify Online Research and Sector Engagement Officer
“I love the potential of Amplify Online to be a connective force that can have really wide-reaching impact.”

Having just been awarded the Professional Leadership Award at CSI’s 2022 Staff Awards, it’s a pleasure to recognise Catherine Mai 's many contributions to Amplify Online in her team profile below.

Cat started working at CSI in late 2019. With a background in commerce and economics, her strong quantitative skillset, creative thinking style and passion for social change have been paramount to the growth of Amplify Online. Much of her recent work revolves around the build of Yardstick.

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What is your role within the team and what does it involve?

My official title is Sector Engagement and Research Officer, but my role has shifted and evolved with the evolution of Amplify Online .

I built a large proportion of the back-end infrastructure that houses the indicators, and I was part of the team that developed the processes and research (including the PIPLA Criteria ) that sit behind the platform.

I am also involved in the tech side of things and work closely with our web developers.

Another key part of my role focuses on sector engagement. Given our ethos of building Amplify Online with and for the sector, working with our users and hearing their challenges, feedback, and ideas around social impact measurement is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of my job.

What’s your favourite thing about Amplify Online?

Its potential. It is an interesting mix where technological innovation is a usable and accessible bridge to academic rigour.

As a technological tool, it’s very flexible in the way it can be used, and that has really become apparent through the diversity of our user base. I love the potential of Amplify Online to be a connective force that can have a really wide-reaching impact and provide the tools needed to make quantitative measurement a lot more accessible.

It has the potential to assist at many different levels of the system and that’s a really exciting prospect.

What’s your research area of interest, outside of Amplify Online?

I also work with Graham Brown and Ally Olekalns on a project focused on measuring quality of life, health and social outcomes for people living with HIV - which is really interesting and rewarding.

This work has harnessed my in the successful implementation of change, and empowerment across a system through a grass-roots community-centred approach.

I am generally very interested in the role of innovation in social change, and whether that is achieved through tools like Amplify Online, or processes and methodologies.