IBEC Conference

1 Dec 2016, 8 AM - 2 Dec 2016, 6 PM

IBECC16 connects the world of business and enterprise to that of reconciliation, education and training, human rights, the law, country, and empowerment. The conference is hosted by Centre for Social Impact UWA and the UWA School of Indigenous Studies. Full program details to be announced.

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Australia spends over $300bn annually on social purpose programs, interventions and policy. For programs funded by Government, there is an ever-growing need to deliver more for less.

We are seeing major policy changes such as consumer directed care forcing and inspiring innovation, and increasing the demand and awareness of citizen-centered services in Australia. According to research, in many contexts and despite large-scale investment, things are not getting better. And so the pushes and pulls towards social innovation are growing.

There is best practice in play that looks at problem solving and solution finding from a user-led perspective – that accounts for the whole social system, identifies leverage points for change, and inspires and applies collective creativity. Design methods have increasingly been recognised as providing both a practical approach and important tools for generating change and innovation around key social issues.

But how do you practically do this innovation work? And what’s more – how do you do this in a cash-strapped, risk averse system, and still maintain business as usual and deliver services to those most in need?

There are three drivers of interest in this work:

The changing economy and demographic shift means we need to do more with less. A tightened fiscal environment has direct impact on funding, social investment and business models for social impact, so we need to find smarter, more innovative and meaningful solutions. Our diminishing tax base and soon-to-be-retiring Baby Boomers mean we will have a large ageing population to support and less people of working age to support them in the coming decades.

We are seeing user-led approaches to social challenges emerging – and some of them are demonstrating impact. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Consumer Directed Care (CDC) are transferring funds and power to consumers. This means service providers, charities and social enterprises working in this space need to rethink business models, processes and systems.
Public debate and demand for citizen-centred services and innovation in public services, and more of a focus on outcomes from citizens, investors, donors and leadership.

Design thinking applied to social purpose can result in the creation of new services, business models, processes and communication for change that makes meaningful, scalable – and therefore marketable and investable change – possible.

  • Event Type: Conference
  • Time: 8 a.m.
  • Location: University of Western Australia Business School
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Corporate or Gov't Sector - $1,500
Corporate or Gov't Sector Early Bird (before 23/9) - $1,270
Corporate Group (4+) - $1,270
Indigenous Business/ Aboriginal Corporation/ NFP/ Social Enterprise/ UWA Staff - $925
Student & Alumni for Social Impact/ School of Indigenous Studies Alumni - $385
Conference Dinner - $185

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