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If you’d love to be a top social innovator and manage organisations, programs and projects to achieve social impact and create meaningful social value, a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact will help you achieve your goals.


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Demonstrating Social Impact

This unit includes discussion of the factors that have been driving the greater focus on social impact assessment as well as the benefits and limitations of evaluation more broadly. It examines the underpinning principles of evaluation and social impact assessment, including:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Theories of change
  • Transparency
  • Ethics
  • Verification and assurance

Leadership for Social Impact

This unit examine the following areas:

  • Leadership in the social economy and diagnosis models for leadership challenges
  • The challenges in achieving social benefit
  • Challenges and opportunities of leadership during a time of inflexion
  • Systems thinking for leaders, exploring models centred on identifying adaptive challenges for leaders
  • Intervention of leaders and practices for more effective and positive social outcomes
  • New forms of organising designed to address breakdowns in the social economy
  • Governance systems and demands

Social Impact: Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation

This unit first examines the social economy through the emerging spectrum of organisational forms that generate both social and economic value. This includes: traditional charities, social enterprises, socially responsible business and traditional corporations. It looks at why the traditional boundaries between government, business and the third sector have blurred and what that means for the capacity to deliver new forms of social impact.

Social Investment & Philanthropy

This unit identifies the major changes reshaping the role of philanthropy and social finance both internationally and in the Australian context, including:

  • Global economic realignments
  • The privatisation of community services
  • New patterns of wealth distribution and of inter-generational wealth transfer
  • Greater expectations of the role of corporate citizenship and of corporate philanthropy

Student Stories

Fadzi Whande

  • July 11, 2017

Fadzi Whande is a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact alumnus, from CSI at the University of Western Australia.

When asked what the GCSI meant to her, Fadzi said:

"Having worked within the not-for-profit sector for most of my working career, I was often really frustrated when great programs and initiatives came to an end due to funding issues. I came across the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact while looking at funding initiatives and immediately knew this course was what I was looking for. Not only does it explore new and innovative ideas, but it also encourages business, government and the not-for-profit sector to work collaboratively. The Graduate Certificate in Social Impact has been invaluable, not only did I learn a lot but I now belong to a special cohort of alumni who are, in every sense of the word, ready to change the world.”

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