Graduate Diploma in Social Impact

The Graduate Diploma in Social Impact focuses on developing professionals in the private, public and social sector to lead organisations, create social and environmental value and to operate in dynamic, cross-sector social landscapes to drive innovation.

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Why choose this Graduate Diploma?

The Graduate Diploma in Social Impact is delivered in a combination of face-to-face and online courses designed for working professionals. The intensive face-to-face classes are taught over two full weekends to provide minimal impact to your personal and professional lives.

Designed for a new generation of leaders, you will build skills to drive social innovation, drive corporate responsibility, develop social enterprises and lead organisations to create social and environmental value.

Graduates are eligible to apply into the AGSM MBAX (Social Impact), to further develop their business acumen and look at social impact through a managerial lens.

UNSW Business School is a leading business school in the Asia-Pacific, with our subjects consistently ranking within the top 50 worldwide. Our students build professional networks among more than 90,000 Business School alumni worldwide and begin their new career before graduation.

During this postgraduate degree you will have access to a suite of professional development opportunities offered by Career Accelerator, that are exclusive to UNSW’s Business School students. Career Accelerator helps you build industry connections through networking , mentoring, internships and global business practicums opportunities.

Who is this degree for?

  • Professionals working in the social, private and public sectors who are looking to develop expert skills in social impact
  • Professionals working in the business sector looking to change career paths into the social impact sector
  • Professionals looking to develop their leadership skills in corporate social responsibility

Job and career prospects

The Graduate Diploma may lead to further studies in social impact, which will open up many career opportunities in:

  • Not-for-profit and government departments
  • Community and research groups
  • Public sector
  • Consulting firms
  • Educational institutions

Core course (prerequisite)

COMM5701 Social Impact

Choose seven courses from the following

COMM5703 Social Impact Investment

COMM5704 Demonstrating Social Impact

COMM5706 Design for Social Innovation

COMM5707 Social Impact Field Project

COMM5709 Corporate Responsibility and Accountability

COMM5710 Creating Shared Value

COMM5713 Collaboration for Social Impact

COMM5205 Leading Change for Sustainability

COMM5902 Leadership for Social Impact


> Graduate Certificate in Social Impact
AGSM MBAX (Social Impact)

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