Master of Commerce (Global Sustainability and Social Impact)

The Master of Commerce Specialisation in Global Sustainability and Social Impact is designed for students who want to both get ahead in their career and make a difference by improving lives, communities, and the environment.

This specialisation provides students with practical strategies, tools, and techniques to develop new businesses, and advise business on developing social impact, corporate responsibility thinking and resilience to change.

The course work is very practical and real world orientated. Students will learn skills in leadership, creativity, communication and conflict transformation so they can influence key decision-makers, build networks and make ideas a reality.

This Masters also develops an awareness of change processes and an understanding of ethics, environmental impact and human rights to lead sustainable change, locally and globally.

The need for business to align itself with being a change for social good is one of the newest and fastest growing areas of business expertise, as a result there is increasing demand by industry for graduates experienced in this discipline. Students of this specialisation will therefore gain a natural competitive edge, and be well placed to secure premium roles upon graduation.

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Student Stories

Febe Amelia Haryanto

  • May 8, 2018

Febe is an international student from Indonesia who is currently studying the UNSW Master of Commerce specialisation in Global Sustainability and Social Enterprise taught by the Centre for Social Impact.

“The course has helped me apply systemic thinking in approaching and addressing complex problems. It prevents me from taking a ‘silver bullet’ solution that seems to be effective but only addresses the symptoms, not the root cause of the problem. It also taught me how to map the stakeholders I need to collaborate with to ensure delivery of maximum impact.”

Febe was also part of the team from UNSW Sydney that won the Cornell University’s International Global Health Case Study Competition this year. “Winning this competition was wonderful. It really taught me that cross-sectoral collaboration and systemic thinking are very important in addressing large societal problems.”


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