Leadership for Social Impact (COMM 5902)

What is the course about?

The course examine the following areas:

  • Leadership in the social economy and diagnosis models for leadership challenges
  • The challenges in achieving social benefit
  • Challenges and opportunities of leadership during a time of inflexion
  • Systems thinking for leaders, exploring models centred on identifying adaptive challenges for leaders
  • Intervention of leaders and practices for more effective and positive social outcomes
  • New forms of organising designed to address breakdowns in the social economy
  • Governance systems and demands

The course content will benefit:

  • People seeking a leadership career in social enterprises
  • People already working for organisations dedicated to social purpose who wish to enhance their professional capacity to create social and environmental value through leadership of social sector organisations
  • People who aspire to hold executive positions in organisations committed to maximising social benefit, including those in the business sector who aim to fulfil their corporate social responsibilities through their products and practices
  • People who are working towards a career goal as a senior public administrator working with the social sector, or public service executives with a responsibility for developing the public policy framework
  • People managing their own investments with a social purpose in mind, or those leading foundations who want to ensure their social investment is applied to the greatest social impact

This course is available to students through either face-to-face classes or online delivery.

Course Information

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