Design for Social Innovation (COMM 5706)

What is the course about?

This is not a course just for designers or for social entrepreneurs (though it's great for these people too) - this is for social innovators working in government, business and the not-for-profit sector who want practical know-how and creative models for driving positive change at a systems level.

Students will engage in serious play - stepping outside the classroom for some hands-on experiential learning to grasp and practice concepts such as rapid prototyping, user-centred design, business model design for social purpose and co-design from a practical perspective.

Design for Social Innovation is an elective subject in the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact suite of courses, with mid-year enrolment available. Graduate Certificate in Social Impact courses aim to suit busy lifestyles and are offered face-to-face one day a fortnight for a total of six days or entirely online delivery. 

Design for Social Innovation is also available as an elective to UNSW postgraduate students in other programs, including Masters and Graduate Diploma students, subject to approval from their program authority and meeting CSI standard enrolment requirements.

This course is available to students through either face-to-face classes or online delivery. 

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