Countdown to Yardstick's Launch

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Amplify Online's much anticipated Yardstick tool is coming soon...

Following on from the overwhelming success of Indicator Engine in 2022, the Centre for Social Impact will shortly roll out Yardstick, Amplify Online 's social impact automated analysis tool.

As part of our efforts to make Yardstick the best it can be, we are launching it in stages throughout 2023. This begins with market and user testing with research consultants, Cruxes Innovation , throughout February - and we need your help!

If you're familiar with Amplify Online and you'd like to talk with Cruxes about the usability of Yardstick, you can register your availability for a 30-minute video consultation here. Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can always email us or the team at Cruxes .

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What is Yardstick?

Yardstick is Amplify Online’s automated data analysis tool which helps organisations demonstrate social impact. It is used to draw insights outcomes data gathered using Indicator Engine.

How does Yardstick work?

Yardstick analyses survey response data collected using Indicator Engine. The data is presented in graphs which statistically and visually reveal insights around an organisations’ social impact.

It does this using an in-built automated survey response scoring system which enables users to create a ‘Data Analysis Flow’ and select the indicator(s) that they would like to examine. A unique chart for each indicator is generated, which can be downloaded and added to any evaluation materials an organisation is preparing.

What can Yardstick's analysis tell me?

Yardstick allows you to examine data from various angles, by tailoring the selection of indicators, surveys, programs and timepoints comprising their analysis flow.

Data analyses are presented in tailored graphs which can illustrate:

  • Progress made against a social outcome: identify progress made by comparing respondent data from before and after your program has been implemented
  • Changes over time: examine respondent data against a social outcome from multiple surveys to demonstrate impact over time
  • Differences in respondent data between groups: observe differences in respondent data for both a particular social outcome and within different demographic groups

How is Yardstick's analysis used?

Insights revealed via Yardstick help users demonstrate social impact as they work to solve Australia's complex social problems.

These insights may be used to:

  • Meet government funding requirements by demonstrating your program's progress against a social outcome
  • Identify and communicate which areas of your program are producing positive change (and where there is room for improvement)
  • Tailor and/or improve your service offerings in line with program beneficiary data

When will Yardstick officially launch?

The tech build of Yardstick throughout 2022 was highly successful and we are almost ready to share it with the sector. As mentioned, the Centre for Social Impact is taking a ‘staged approach’ to launch Yardstick, beginning with market and user testing, led by Cruxes Innovation throughout February 2023. We intend to launch Yardstick publicly later in the year.

If you’d like to give feedback on Yardstick in a 30-minute video consultation, please register your availability here .

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