Kelly Clark

Research Officer / Lived Experience Lead

Kelly is a Worimi and Wipella (Wadjella) woman who lives and grew up on Whadjuk Noongar Boodja. She has a keen interest in promoting human flourishing and promoting actions which treat people like people.

Kelly’s background is in philosophy and theology, with a strong personalist and phenomenological approach. She has ventured through policy, program, system, and service design in a variety of interrelated fields, including housing and homelessness, youth and young people, and mental health.

Having been connected with the Centre for Social Impact UWA since 2018, and engaged with the 2019 Danjoo Koorliny Walking Together Festival, Kelly brings a focus on the best of Wipella (Whitefulla) and Blackfulla ways of being, doing, understanding and listening to the research she now does with CSI.

This focus dovetails neatly and nicely (that is, accurately and smoothly) with Kelly’s other research passion: bringing Lived Experience expertise into all aspects of service and system design, delivery and evaluation.

Outside CSI, Kelly doesn’t often get paid to do the stuff she enjoys nerding out about, but she nerds out about it anyway.

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