Dr Jenny Fairthorne

Research Officer

Dr Jenny Fairthorne began as a Research Officer at the Centre for Social Impact UWA in March 2021. Her research interests are centred around her passion for reducing health and social inequities, along with improving wellbeing, particularly in vulnerable groups.

To date, Jenny has conducted research into maternal wellbeing; psychiatric disorder; socio-economic status; disability; education; prenatal medication taking, infant health, ageing and homelessness. Her expertise includes both quantitative and qualitative analyses. 

After completing an undergraduate degree in Pure Mathematics and Genetics, followed by a Diploma in Education, Jenny began her career as a mathematics teacher. During this period, she completed an MSc in Mathematics Education and subsequently became Head of the Mathematics Department of two Perth-based colleges.

A new career direction began when Jenny started an MPH at UWA’s SPGH in 2009. This was followed by a PhD at UWA in the area of maternal health and child disability while based at the Telethon Kids Institute (TKI).

After gaining her PhD in 2015, Jenny spent two years at the University of British Columbia (BC) in Vancouver as a post-doctoral fellow, where she accessed BC’s registry data to research maternal psychiatric disorder and psychotropic medication taking during the years around a birth and in relation to socio-economic status and infant health.

In 2018, Jenny was a Research Fellow at the University of York where she used Yorkshire Registry data to evaluate a health intervention in older people with mild frailty.

Since her move back to Perth in 2019, Jenny returned to TKI as a Research Officer and then in 2020 as a researcher/analyst for the Australian Government.


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