Dan Chamberlain

Research Fellow

Dan Chamberlain joined the Centre for Social Impact UNSW in 2021 as a researcher and project manager for the ARC Discovery grant Networks in Flux.

Dan is an expert in social network research methods and analysis (SNA), and brings this expertise to projects at CSI.

As a researcher, Dan has contributed to numerous projects involving SNA, in fields including criminology, education, sociology, public health, management, and public policy. Dan’s research often involves inter-organisational networks and collaboration.

He also teaches an introductory course on social network research and analysis at the Australian Consortium of Social and Political Research Inc. (ACSPRI). The course is aimed at researchers with little to no experience in social network analysis and is attended by students, academic staff, and professionals of both qualitative and mixed methods backgrounds.

Dan has a PhD in sociology from Griffith University, which focused on the lived experiences of emerging adults, and their understanding of what it means to be an adult. 


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