Teneisha Bhalla

Course Authority and Tutor

Teneisha Bhalla is a solicitor with diverse experience working for social change.
She has fundraised for UN Women’s work in Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea, assisted social housing tenants at Redfern Legal Centre, written submissions to government on accessibility of education for People with Disability in NSW and supported recently arrived refugees and asylum seekers with career pathways, as part of their settlement journey in Australia.
Teneisha has a combined Bachelor of Laws/International Studies from UNSW and more recently she completed her Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and spent time assisting the Care and Protection and Family Law team at the Aboriginal Legal Service.
Teneisha joined CSI UNSW in 2018 and is passionate about CSI's undergraduate COMM1000 Creating Social Change course and the ideas that underpin it: the principles of systems thinking and the power of focusing on the process.


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