Sandra Killick

Facilitator and Project Manager

Sandra Killick joined CSI UNSW's postgraduate Work Integrated Learning (WIL) course, COMM5030 - Social Entrepreneurship Practicum in 2018.

The purpose of this project-based course is to introduce Master of Commerce students to social enterprise thinking and skills, while helping the social enterprise system to grow.

Sandra is a social scientist with consultancy experience in education, health, human rights and gender analysis sectors. She has direct experience of how systems work and wicked problems through her roles with the NSW Ombudsman, NSW Premier & Cabinet, the Association of Independent Schools, NSW Board of Studies, the Asylum Seekers Centre and lobbying on behalf of civil society organisations at national government and United Nations levels.

Sandra also volunteered as an Ethics Facilitator to support the development of primary student’s critical thinking skills.

She brings deep experience to CSI as an adult educator, as well as being a qualified teacher with a Master of Education Policy. A lifelong learner, Sandra holds a Master of Labour Law & Employer Relations, specialising in mediation.

Sandra is a qualified LEADR mediator, Churchill Fellow and Social Leadership Australia alumni. In late 2017, she completed the REOS Partners Transformational Scenarios Planning program in Denmark. More recently, Sandy participated in the KAOSPILOT adult learning masterclass.

She is a leading authority in democracy education, adaptive leadership and systems thinking. As a skilled facilitator, Sandra creates spaces where people can have the challenging, messy, necessary discussions about the big ideas that affect us all.

Presently Sandra is establishing Democracy Matters, a social enterprise focusing on democracy skill building; from grassroots to national levels. She is busily gathering as many football metaphors (the round ball kind) as possible, to take this work forward.

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