Sandeep Kirpalani

Lecturer and Course Authority

Sandeep Kirpalani is the Course Authority for International Work Integrated Learning courses at the Centre for Social Impact UNSW and also lectures and co-ordinates projects for the Sydney version of these courses, including COMM3030 - The Big Idea.

Sandeep deeply cares about long-term capacity building of smaller social organisations that often do not have access to market skills. He also really enjoys engaging in complexities of purpose and profit set in different contexts. These driving factors, combined with a commitment to the experiential development of young adults, are behind the design of his courses.

Sandeep is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and since leaving Ernst & Young in 2009, has worked on skills development initiatives, mentored grassroots-level social enterprises and worked alongside change agents to challenge the status-quo in India and Australia.

Sandeep is on the Boards of Sydney Alliance and Sydney Community Forum, both of which are dedicated to making Sydney a better place to live for all.

Sandeep graduated with a Masters in Development Studies from the University of Melbourne in 2014. Before moving to Sydney in 2018, Sandeep was on an international development assignment in Timor-Leste capacity building within a social business that sought to empower survivors of sexual violence.

Sandeep is an exponent of mindfulness, humour and forgiveness in the wild world of social justice!

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