Elizabeth-Rose Ahearn

Senior Research Officer – Outcomes Measurement

Elizabeth-Rose Ahearn is a Senior Research Officer – Outcomes Measurement at the Centre for Social Impact. Her role is responsible for the measurement and reporting of social outcomes and impact, and delivery of outcomes measurement capacity building activities.

Elizabeth-Rose has a Masters of Science in Global Mental Health from King’s College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, in which she focused on mental health system design and evaluation. Prior to joining the Centre for Social Impact, Elizabeth-Rose worked with several not-for-profit organisations, including Australian Red Cross and Mental Health Foundation UK, providing specialised service support to develop, implement and evaluate evidence based practice models. Her research work to date has included the application of public health approaches to preventing hate crimes and violent extremism, evaluation of refugee and migrant support services, and promotion of environmentally conscious behaviours.

Elizabeth-Rose is particularly passionate about education based interventions for improving the long-term wellbeing of children and young people.



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