Kurt Walkom


Kurt Walkom is a financial wellness evangelist, country bumpkin in disguise and Co-Founder of Pearler - an Australian start-up that simplifies investing for financial independence.

His dream is to eradicate the money taboo, because by doing so he believes we will create meaningful improvements in financial literacy, decrease the financial stresses of everyday Australians, and ultimately unlock the creative potential of millions.

Kurt has always been interested in the effects of wealth on life outcomes, and the overlap between his passion for promoting financial wellness and CSI's focus on financial resilience is one of the reasons behind his motivation for teaching CSI’s COMM1000 Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact.

Kurt studied a double bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Finance) and Mechanical Engineering at UNSW where he won various awards for his academic achievements. You can read more about him on the UNSW Business School website.


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