Dr John Stubley

Project Officer, UWA

Dr John Stubley is a communication and narrative designer, project officer, and creative action researcher with the Centre for Social Impact at the UWA Business School. He formally commenced working on projects at the Centre for Social Impact at the UWA Business School in 2018, but has been supporting the Social Impact Festival since 2016.

John is part of The Impact Project, working on publications and communications including a magazine, websites and other documentation and reports. He is part of the faculty and core organising team for the Engaging Leaders Innovating Across Sectors (ELIAS) WA program (in partnership with the the Pesencing Institute, the Academy for Systems Change and CUSP) where he has contributed to program design, facilitation and communication. He also works to support other areas of The Impact Project, including Food and Agriculture, the Social Impact Festival and Social Impact Practice Research. In 2018 he was part of the core team to deliver the inaugural Asia-Pacific Presencing Foundation Program (PFP) in collaboration with the Presencing Institute and MIT’s Dr Otto Scharmer.

In recent years John’s work has focussed on the intersection of systems change, narrative processes and imagination. He is a poet, writer, designer and facilitator passionate about generating individual and societal health and wellbeing through creative thinking.

John’s writing has been published around the world in various media, and been translated into several languages. He holds a PhD in English and Comparative Literature (Creative Writing) from Murdoch University, a Masters in Narrative Community Work from the University of Melbourne, a first-class Honours in English (Creative Writing) from UWA, a BA in English (Journalism and Creative Writing) from Curtin, a three-year certificate of individual study in language and systems change, and various qualifications in the health sciences.


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