Dr Jeremiah Brown

Research Fellow

Dr Jeremiah Brown is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Impact UNSW.

He joined CSI in May 2020 and is currently working on the financial wellbeing component of CSI's Amplify Insights, and on issues related to the underfunding of charities in Australia.

Jeremiah’s research interests are in social policy, financial wellbeing, and the role that both organisations and the welfare state play in shaping the outcomes of democratic citizens. He is particularly interested in the principles that underpin policy choices, and the impact that both government and organisations can have in improving wellbeing outcomes in people’s lives.

From 2019-2020 Jeremiah was the inaugural ANZ Tony Nicholson Research Fellow at the Brotherhood of St Laurence, where he worked on employing economic dignity as a concept for evaluating ideas, structures and policies related to financial wellbeing.

His work draws heavily on Amartya Sen’s capability approach to understand how different kinds of disadvantage can constrain people’s freedom in established democratic societies.

In 2018 Jeremiah completed his PhD in Political Theory at the University of Melbourne, where he has taught political theory and research methods.

His PhD thesis, Freedom as Capability: How the capability approach can improve our understanding of freedom in established democracies, examined the way that freedom is conceptualised in the measurement of democracy, and he developed a new measure of democracy drawing from the capability approach.

The measure developed in the thesis has been used to compare different wellbeing outcomes across different welfare regimes, highlighting that different types of welfare states have different outcomes in the wellbeing that they produce for disadvantaged citizens.


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