Dr Ioana Ramia

Research Fellow and Course Authority

Dr Ioana Ramia is a Research Fellow and Lecturer at CSI UNSW with a background in evaluation, social science and policy.

Ioana has an extensive understanding of evaluation theory and practice and applies evaluation techniques to assess the impact of initiatives addressing complex social problems.

Resolving complex social problems has increasingly come to the centre of activities across sectors and being able to understand the extent to which our efforts resolve social problems is incremental to all stakeholders – be it those who implement a program, funders, policy makers or beneficiaries.

Ioana supports large and small organisations to measure the change they are making. She is experienced in cross-sectoral projects, managing complex evaluation projects, working across groups of stakeholders, using mixed methods approaches, longitudinal components and varied sources of data.

She has completed research and evaluation projects for state government departments and non-governmental organisations and has both academic and private consultancy expertise.

Ioana's evaluation projects range from unemployment, housing and homelessness to education, mentoring and mental health initiatives. She researches sources of wellbeing and subjective wellbeing, progressing scholarly debate on measures of happiness and satisfaction with life.

She also develops measures of wellbeing and explores their link to various aspects of life, such as education, health and mental health, work and housing.

Ioana has a high appreciation of cultures and diversity gained throughout her life journey from Europe to Australia via Asia, which first began when she left Romania as a high school graduate to complete undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Japan. Ioana has been calling Australia home for over 12 years.

Ioana has a Bachelor of Arts and Master of International Political Economy, Tsukuba University (2008), a PhD in Social Science, UNSW (2012) and has completed a Foundations of University Learning and Teaching Program at UNSW (2018).

She is the Course Authority for CSI's COMM5704 Demonstrating Social Impact and COMM5203 Social and Environmental Outcomes Measurement.

02 8936 0909

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