Dr Meera Varadharajan

Research Associate

Meera Varadharajan is a Research Associate at the Centre for Social Impact in the School of Business at University of New South Wales. As a qualitative researcher, her role primarily involves working on projects with a view to understanding and interpreting social issues from a qualitative perspective. She is passionate about hearing stories and human experiences that enables to drive social change in society.

Meera first career was in accounting. Later on, she switched fields and completed a Master in Education followed by a Doctor of Philosophy. Her PhD thesis examined career change teachers including their motivations and school experiences after having switched to teaching from another career. Meera’s thesis and her subsequent research on career changers has been underpinned by a phenomenological approach which helps her to understand the lives of these individuals as they went through their career change journey and beyond. Meera has a keen interest in research projects that have a social purpose leading to meaningful outcomes and has tried to incorporate a socially driven approach into all aspects of her academic life, in both research and in teaching.


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