Deborah Kohn

Education Support Officer

Deborah Kohn is an Education Support Officer in the Education Team at the Centre for Social Impact UNSW. Her specialty is the teaching platform, Moodle, and related IT issues.

Due to her varied employment and background in education, she also provides general support to the team.

Deborah is passionate about people and their interaction with our environment, and how to mitigate humanity’s degradation of it. The ethos of CSI aligns with Deborah's ethical stance on living life meaningfully, while stepping lightly on earth.

Deborah recently completed a Bachelor of Social Research and Policy at UNSW with a major in her love of Environmental Humanities.

Prior to joining academia, Deborah worked - and still does casually - in the entertainment industry. She has lived and or worked in four different countries, but Sydney has been home for the past 20 years.

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