Angela Sidoti


Angela Sidoti is thrilled to be working within the systems-based philosophy embedded within CSI UNSW as a tutor for COMM1000 - Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact.

Passionate about social justice, Angela is excited by the enormous possibilities held in the idea that the actions and behaviour of organisations can be consciously and strategically constructed toward not only ‘doing no harm’ but creating a positive and lasting impact on society.

With an academic background in the humanities, social sciences, environmental health, media and communications, she approaches social change with a focus on understanding culture and the systems and practices which produce it.

Angela has taught critical thinking and communications at the University of Sydney Business School and has also tutored Indigenous undergraduate students in teaching and education at Macquarie University.

She has also spent time coordinating international community development research activities at the UWS World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health, where holistic approaches to development were championed.

In the arts and cultural development sector, Angela worked for a not-for-profit in outback NSW on regional strategic cultural planning. She has also worked as a publicist and social media manager and currently serves on the management committee of a domestic violence service.

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