GCSI Scholarship Conditions and Information

It is important that you read through this document before applying for a scholarship as it will assist in your application.

Scholarship conditions and information

  • In addition to completing this survey form, applicants are required to email to csistudents@unsw.edu.au:
    • CV of no more than two pages;
    • Letter of recommendation / support from Social Impact Organisation / employer with regard to merit which clearly outlines your suitability and commitment to undertake the program; and
  • Scholarships are awarded based on the calibre of student applications in a given period. If suitable recipients are not identified scholarship funds may be reserved for future applicants.
  • Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit.
  • To be awarded you must have completed or be in the advanced stages of an application to study the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact at Swinburne, UNSW or UWA.
  • Scholarships are applied proportionately across the number of Social Impact courses (eg a quarter for each subject undertaken).
  • Once awarded, a scholarship offer cannot be deferred to a later start date.
  • The Centre for Social Impact reserves the right to reassign or recover scholarship funds where a student does not complete the program or takes more than one leave of absence from the course.
  • Note, late applications cannot be accepted. Applicants must apply through the online application system using the link provided. Email copies of applications will not be eligible for consideration.
  • See also the eligibility criteria below.


  • You have the appropriate immigration status to study at UNSW.
  • You have accepted your offer from your chosen university or at least commenced an application to study the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact. Note, if a new applicant, you must commence your program/course in the available session/semester/trimester in order to be eligible to be awarded a scholarship.
  • You are continuing your Graduate Certificate in Social Impact (maximum 2 courses successfully completed).
  • You have previously applied for a CSI scholarship but were unsuccessful.
  • You intend to complete the Graduate Certificate within two years.
  • You are committed to contributing to the student and alumni community.

Preparing your application

Please complete your application using the online portal.

You will be asked to address the following questions as part of your application to demonstrate your potential for and committment to catalysing social change. 

  • Please describe your relevant qualifications?
  • Please describe your relevant skills?
  • Why should you be awarded a scholarship?

Late, or email applications will not be accepted.

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