Graduate Certificate in Social Impact

For established and emerging leaders of social change, the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact is a 'pracademic' program with a uniquely comprehensive curriculum based on systems thinking and social design principles. Our teachers are widely regarded as some of the leading lights in social impact, social investment, social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, integrated impact reporting and social innovation.

Students taking the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact gain rich theoretical and real world case study knowledge that is directly applicable to leading meaningful and sustained cross-sectoral social change in Australia.

This program is comprised of four courses: one core course (Social Impact: Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation) and three electives. The program is offered in Sydney at UNSW Australia, in Melbourne at Swinburne University of Technology and in Perth at The University of Western Australia.

More information about the courses offered at each university available here. 

Student Stories

Keira Morris-Akeroyd

14 December 2017

Keira is currently studying the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact.

In her role as part of the Corporate Partnerships team at Australian Red Cross Keira is responsible for designing, managing and growing strategic corporate partnerships that help Red Cross improve the wellbeing of those experiencing extreme vulnerability.

“What I’ve loved most about the course is that it has expanded my field of vision, built my practical capabilities and inspired me to look at new and innovative ways to contribute to positive social change.

It has enabled me to deepen my understanding of social impact and equipped me with the tools I need to be more effective in creating it. This is a result not only of CSI’s experienced and passionate staff, but also the diverse peer group that the course has allowed me to connect with.   

The course, and the network I have built as a result of it, has undoubtedly led to opportunities that are shaping my career trajectory in an exciting and meaningful way.”  


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