December 19, 2016

CEO Update - December 2016

After five years leading the Centre for Social Impact, my time here has come to an end as I pursue new horizons next year. 

It’s a good month to finish on – we’ve launched some very significant reports and resources including the official Giving Australia launch in Canberra and the new Australia’s Social Pulse site as well as the latest Australian Charities Report.

I’ve been particularly involved with the Australian Charities Report with the ACNC. This year’s report builds on the work done in the last two years, and presents for the first time a comprehensive picture of the size and shape of the whole of the Australian charity sector. Also new in this year’s report is a first look at change in the financial details reported by charities from one year to the next, and a more detailed analysis of charity sustainability. In addition to the main report and summary reports, the interactive datacube is a great way to explore the data and customize the graphics by sector, activity, state and more.

It’s been our pleasure working with the Commissioner Pascoe and her team over recent years. I’m also very pleased that the ACNC’s future now looks assured. The ACNC has a vital role to play in building an even more effective, vibrant, sustainable social purpose sector and the annual report and data is a key part of this work.

To everyone with whom I’ve come into contact through my time at CSI as I’ve debated and explored how we might more effectively and systemically improve outcomes for people in Australia, thank you for your passion, patience, insights and effort. When I reflect on my five years in this role of CEO, without a doubt, one of the highlights has been meeting and working with so many wonderful people. Having a shared vision for a fairer Australia is what unites us. I feel lucky to be a part of this community. 

I’d like to wish my very best in particular to CSI’s incoming CEO Professor Kristy Muir, the leadership team including Jo Barraket, Paul Flatau, Leanne Piggott and Brendon Smyth, and all the team at CSI across UNSW, Swinburne and UWA. CSI is in great hands.

For now let me leave you with some of my favourite words from others . . .

The most basic form of human stupidity is forgetting what we are trying to accomplish. - Friedrich Nietzsche

We have learned to create the small exceptions that can change the lives of hundreds. But we have not learned how to make the exceptions to the rule to change the lives of millions. - Lisbeth Schorr

The secret is to gang up on the problem, rather than each other. – Thomas Stallkamp

My very best wishes to you and yours through this holiday season, whether your break be short or long, and have a wonderful new year. If you wish to get in touch, don’t hesitate to find me on LinkedIn.


With regards,


Andrew Young



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