Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact

What is the course about?

The key focus of the course will be to examine how social change happens in Australia while also providing connections and insights to global trends and issues. Social challenges such as intergenerational unemployment, disability and Indigenous disadvantage will be explored.

It will introduce students to systems thinking and societal change scenarios. It provides an overview of how sectors create social impact in Australia, and how they can work together more effectively to achieve positive social change, backed up by the real life experiences of the high calibre guest speakers. Students will be given the opportunity to put their learning into practice by planning their own change process to solve a social problem.

When can I study this course?

Creating Social Change: From innovation to impact (course codeCOMM1000) will run during semesters 1 & 2, 2015 at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Entry requirements

The course will be available as an elective for undergraduate students at the Australian School of Business and as a GenEd course for students in other UNSW faculties. HECS-HELP is available for eligible students.

Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact will also be available to non UNSW students to study as a 'non-award' (voluntary) course and will be open for cross-institutional enrolment – more information is available on the UNSW website here.

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