The Centre for Social Impact's postgraduate and undergraduate courses and executive education provide the broadest network of the brightest minds with the knowledge and practice they need to build a better social system for Australia.

We provide the most comprehensive and practical courses that give established and emerging social leaders a systems approach to making meaningful and sustained change happen. Our courses, executive education and workshop programs help people learn.

The Centre for Social Impact offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses through our partner universities. Our teachers are widely regarded as some of the leading lights in social impact, social investment, social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, and social innovation.

For established and emerging leaders of social change, our Graduate Certificate in Social Impact is the pracademic course that provides a systems approach to change-making in Australia. The program has been established for five years and has transformed careers, given rise to new thinking and enterprise and equipped bright minds to lead bold change for social purpose.

For up-and-coming changemakers, our new undergraduate courses are now available at UNSW Australia and at The University of Western Australia. They are the only undergraduate courses offering a systems thinking approach to social change leadership in the country.

Career prospects

Our graduates are immediately equipped to operate in leadership positions in the social economy and many proceed to senior executive and management roles soon after completion of this qualification.

Unlike any other social purpose course, the Graduate Certificate in Social Impact provides students with a cross-sectoral perspective, enabling them to understand, think strategically and implement across sectors and silos to drive meaningful and sustainable change.

Is this the learning for you?

If you can see that something has to change, that the system is broken, and that there is a market failure in unmet social needs – you’ve come to the right place. If you want to learn how to do something about it with a network of peers who are equally committed to leading systemic social change – apply now.

You fit the bill for both if you think of yourself like this...

  • Whatever role you are in, you want to be a part of building a stronger society for all.
  • You want to bring about social change, starting with your organisation.
  • You’re a policy officer – but you want to be a policy shaper.
  • You’re a social entrepreneur.
  • You believe in corporate citizenship and the power of creating shared value.
  • You think like a social designer.
  • You want to be a social finance innovator.
  • You are an emerging social intrapreneur.

Limited scholarships are available. Click here for more details.

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