Applying Collective Impact to Move the Needle on Complex Social Issues, Adelaide

19 May 2015, 9:30 AM - 19 May 2015, 4:30 PM

This workshop is part of the series "Tackling Complex Social Problems" facilitated by international community change expert Mark Cabaj. Each workshop will focus on the application of key principles of the complexity-based approach to community change.

This workshop will introduce participants to the concept of complexity and complex adaptive systems as well as some emerging principles and practices of adaptive leadership and management aimed to improve the probabilities – but never guarantee – that people and organizations can move the needle on complex issues. Collective Impact 3.0 is about is about scaling collective impact and building the practice internationally. This workshop will introduce participants and add to your knowledge around concepts of complexity, leadership and adaptive systems.

Why you should attend this workshop:

This workshop will be facilitated by Mark Cabaj, an internationally recognised and experienced collective impact practitioner. For over ten years he lead Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement’s Vibrant Communities work. This poverty focused work across scores of cities uses a collective impact approach a decade before the term was coined. Mark's experience in collective impact and complex-based community change theory are internationally acclaimed. His work across systems, tiers of government, communities and business in Canada helped build a reputation as a practical and inspiring leader and educator.

Who should attend this workshop:

Those interested in this topic will already have a depth of experience in community building, service coordination and collaboration and a real desire to see positive social change. You will also know that these approaches are not enough on their own to cut through and get the traction needed to shift the dial on sticky hard to shift problems.

If you are working in complex systems, have multiple fronts to address when solving problems, looking for peers to connect with and expertise to challenge and grow your own leadership to impact - then this is the workshop for you! Being involved in the solution and adding your expertise to turn the needle on hard to shift social problems means turning traditional paradigms of accountability upside down. You will leave this workshop ready to take another step in your leadership.

This workshop is presented by Collaboration for Impact. Collaboration for Impact is the Australian community of practice that helps communities work better together to tackle their toughest problems. Through research-informed, practice-based learning we work with people and organisations to increase their collaboration skills and ability to apply the collective impact framework to create large-scale social change. Sign up here to become a member and receive our monthly newsletter.

This workshop is powered by the Centre for Social Impact. The Centre for Social Impact is a collaboration of four universities: UNSW Australia, Swinburne University of Technology, the University of Western Australia and Melbourne University. CSI’s mission is to improve the delivery of beneficial social impact through academic and applied research, teaching, measurement, and the promotion of public debate.

This event is hosted by Together SA. Together SA works with communities wanting to collaborate and tackle complex social problems. Together SA brings its expertise, independent facilitation and energy to impact social change local people seek. They work towards inspiring communities to create better futures for children and young people.

The event partners for this workshop are the Local Government Professionals South Australia Community Managers Network and the Australian Centre for Community Services Research (ACCSR) at Flinders University.

The LG Professionals SA Community Managers Network’s aim is to provide leadership and support for people working in the community development and community services sector within local government and related organisations. They are a member network of LG Professionals SA whose mission is to create the environment and development opportunities that guarantee members thrive as professionals working in local government in South Australia.

The Australian Centre for Community Services Research (ACCSR) at Flinders University aim is to provide research to enable social equity, social change and social service innovation. They deliver research and learning outcomes which have a broad application across issues of social equity, social inclusion and social service.

  • Event Type: Workshop
  • Price: $220.00 (gst. incl.)
  • Time: 9:30 a.m.
  • Location: Flinders University City Campus, Room 1, Level I, 182 Victoria Square, Adelaide
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