Creating Social Change at UNSW Sydney

Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact - COMM1000

Would you like to help build social solutions for a better future?

Comm 1000 is a course about how you can meaningfully contribute to creating better social outcomes. Regardless of what you’re studying, you’ll learn how to use your skills to benefit the community.

The course delivers a broad understanding of social systems and the keys to initiating and sustaining positive social change. Using context from real and complex social issues, you will explore models for system change, social innovation, cross-sectoral collaboration and much more. As well the course explores global trends and international case studies of social change and how they relate to the Australian context.

You will have the rare opportunity to hear directly from experts in business, government and social purpose organisations who have initiated social change with success.



Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact

The key focus of the course is to examine how social change happens in Australia while also providing connections and insights to global trends and issues. Social challenges such as intergenerational unemployment, disability and Indigenous disadvantage are explored.

Students are introduced to systems thinking and societal change scenarios and provided with an overview of how sectors create social impact in Australia, and how they can work together more effectively to achieve positive social change. The course is backed up by the real life experiences of the high calibre guest speakers.

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